My title

Kitty Boost

Branding for Kitty Boost pizzeria, inspired by the street gangs history of Chicago,
where the origin Chicago Style Pizza came from. The design concept is based on this secret underdog culture that includes unique symbols, Colors, Hand signs, slang language and more.

I took all these elements and tried to modify it into a modern pizza place. Each idea from the old times got a new meaning and style.

Every gang had two colors; bright and dark.
They used to wear the bright color to parties and the dark when they were fighting.
According to that, I designed two pizza boxes, dark for a pie-cut pizza (triangles), and bright for party-cut pizza;
a pizza that cuts up into squares (was born in the bars in Chicago's South Side)

The name Kitty Boost is taken from Chicago street slang. It means”getting what you want”.
Originally it referred to drugs and sex, But in modern times I modified it to pizza.
The logo refers to the time and the place of the concept, combines it together with the pizza.

Using the hand sign language with its original meaning for pizza slice holders

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